Dame Holly doesn’t wear the hat so much anymore

This blog has always been a bit thematically slapdash. That’s not surprising, since it was created as an addendum to my Twitter account. I wanted to talk climate science and sometimes Twitter just wasn’t enough.

But in the last year or so, my tweets and posts on climate have faltered quite a lot. Parts of this blog remain in perpetual limbo and I don’t tweet daily climate news anymore.

You may want to know why I don’t tweet or blog about climate as much anymore. The answer is a sad one, I’m afraid: I just don’t see the point. When I was younger, I thought the lack of information was the problem, that if people were informed, they would change. I now know that’s not true.

I started tweeting on climate around 2010 because Australia was in the grip of its first campaign of misinformation from mining companies and American denier groups. I wanted to counter that misinformation with facts and to compile a repository of science. I genuinely and naively thought if people had the truth they would act.

I felt the same way about the refugee crisis a few years back. Once the government set up concentration camps, I genuinely believed that when people understood what was happening they would be outraged and would act. Instantly and decisively and humanely.

The saddest realisation of my life was when I finally understood that people are small and selfish and nasty and genuinely don’t care about the world around them. They don’t care about climate, refugees, the poor, the ill, the abused or the structurally disadvantaged. They don’t care about the environment or the mistreatment of other human beings.

They don’t care if their country runs concentration camps where people are abused and raped and imprisoned without charge for no crime. They don’t care if their fellow Australians starve to death on the streets because they can’t afford health care or sleep rough because they had nowhere to go after fleeing domestic violence. They just don’t care.

When you’re young, you think you can change the world with information. You think that if you give people facts and evidence, they will be outraged and will change. Then you realise the world is like this because people are like this.

That’s the whole tragic story. We live always in a world of our own making. If it’s horrible, it’s because we’re horrible. If it’s violent, it’s because we’re violent. If it’s uncaring, it’s because we’re uncaring. If it’s meaningless, it’s because we don’t care about meaning. Nobody imposed this world on us, we made it in our own image. And that’s why it’s so damn ugly.

People suck. We’re fucked. I wish I had more optimism but this is where I’m at in my life. I am angry but I am also tired of being angry. It’s exhausting and harmful and makes no difference in the end. So I don’t tweet climate as much. I’m sorry if that makes me weak.

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