Love in the Time of Corona

I could start this post by saying that we are at a crucial turning point for humanity.

I could then laugh that off as my usual hyberbole.

But it is not.

There is a before and there is an after today. And those things look very different, to the point where can not predict what tomorrow will look like.

Humanity has been behaving for some years as though it is living post-history.  As though reality no longer applies to it. This correction has been a long time coming, although most of us thought it would happen because of climate change. (Yes that other existential threat still hanging over our heads).

Thought about climate change lately? You should. It has gone nowhere.

The irony is that a human culture behaving as though it exists outside of history is the most common mistake humanity makes.

We are the chosen people,” they say.

History cannot touch us”.

History laughs.

Those that do not learn from history may be doomed to repeat it. But if the last 20 years have shown us anything, it is that those who do learn from history are doomed to declare it’s different this time around.

History is dead. We are the Chosen People.

History laughs.

And those of us who spoke, and then lectured, and then begged, and then cried, and then despaired can only look at the inevitability of today with that despair.

Nobody is immune from history. The most we can do is to prepare for it. We did not. Now all we can do is suffer and learn again the lessons we learnt the time before. And before that. And before that. And hope that this time, like the last time, we will have time to learn anything.

The world we knew is gone, sooner even than anticipated.

But this time we have no time. We have to learn those lessons now.

We are in this together as one people. Remembering that starts now.


One thought on “Love in the Time of Corona

  1. I could have done with not being a participant in cataclysmic history, but if I do make it out the other side of this particular event I hope to see and participate in change. We cannot ignore or put off or deny the harm we have done to the planet and ourselves in the never ending drive for ever bigger profits. The price of that stock dividend is too large.

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