BL (Boy’s Love)

Vice Versa: A RomNotCom in Multicolour

A body-swapping, universe-jumping adventure on paper, Vice Versa is instead a deeply self-aware and self-referential bait and switch. A BL romcom on the outside and a highly meta and very earnest discussion about having the courage to pursue what you want in life on the inside.

I Told Sunset About You

In I Told Sunset About You, Thailand produced a BL so exceptionally raw and so beautifully produced that it deserves a better label than ‘Thai BL’.

Cherry Magic Premiere Watch

I was a little nervous to wade into the Japanese BL Cherry Magic, lest I didn’t connect with it as others have. There’s no need to fear though: Cherry Magic is as cute and as full of kilig as promised.

Pass or Play on Gameboys?: Definitely Play

In the middle of the Covid19 lockdown in the Philippines, gamer Cairo Lazaro begins an online romance with his fan, Gavreel Alarcon in this high-quality BL from the Philipines.

Where Your Eyes Linger

Korea has made an unexpected foray into BL. And it turned out quite good overall…

Is “Right or Wrong” Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong is often criticised for the stark power imbalances between the two leads. But the show’s title is a question to the audience – is this relationship Right or Wrong?

A HIStory of problematic relationships

As HIStory3: Make Our Days Count comes to an end this week, fans of BL have started to cast their eye across the series as a whole and realise that the problematic and unhealthy relationships depicted in this year’s instalments is not a new phenomena but in fact a pattern.

TharnType a welcome addition to Thai BL

TharnType explores sexual violence in an intelligent way while struggling with the dictates of a genre created for titillation instead of complex storytelling.

Trapped: A story of HIStory 3

This year’s HIStory series, Trapped, is sexy and sweet and fun as a romance but struggles as an action drama.

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