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Sunlight in a gloomy hall: Imagery in I’m Not a Robot

In celebration of it its five year anniversary, I finally collate all my I’m Not a Robot ravings into one post on the show’s amazing visual imagery

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Aspects of technology in Unlock the Boss

Messy, confused, fun, and a serious contender for Worst Ending in the end of year poll, this year’s Unlock the Boss was also an interesting discussion of how technological advancements have rapidly changed the way we interact with the world.

Intermission: Drama’s Best Scenes

We talk a lot about the best dramas but sometimes what stands out about a show is one particular scene. One small segment that is so perfect it sticks in your mind even if the drama itself falls away. These scenes may be intensely funny or intensely profound or not even intense at all but…

Korean Sci-fi: Grid

I attempt to dissect the deeply ambiguous science fiction procedural, Grid, from the pen of one of Korea’s best writers.

Grid and the multiverse theory of time travel

Think of your reality as a tree. Now think of your reality as a block. Now think of your reality as a straight line. Now throw all that out because here comes Grid to truly blow your mind.

I Am Things: Crash Course in Romance

A quick look at the currently-airing Crash Course in Romance and its characters who have left things behind on the road of life.

2022 in Kdrama: Dramaland nostalgia tour

The pandemic may not be on our TV screens but it is in our desire for nostalgia. And nothing demonstrates that more than this drama year 2022

2022 in Kdrama: The Poll Results

The people have spoken! And what they’ve said is, “I’m not sure”. I give you the wrap on the drama year that was 2022. And it’s the Year You Couldn’t Decide.

The thematic confusion of Love is for Suckers

The currently-airing Love is for Suckers has left me more and more uncomfortable as it unfolds. I tease out the problems I have with the show by examining its thematic confusion.

Korean sci-fi: The Silent Sea review

A sparse and filmic piece of science fiction, The Silent Sea is beautiful and atmospheric but also at various points generic and even derivative. I take a deep dive into Korea’s most mainstream piece of science fiction television.

Korean scifi: Alice review

Shaking up my planned timetable for the science fiction reviews to start with one of the worst dramas ever made. Alice.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

What is a fourth wall break and how it is used? I discussed the technique and compile a list of some of my favourites.


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