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The Best Korean Dramas: as Voted by You!

It’s such a big question. What are the best Korean dramas? And how do you answer the question without letting your own personal quirks and biases get in the way?

Well, after three surveys and many months I get to present the best of the best of the best – as voted by you!

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The Demographics of Loving DAYS

Since the premiere of the new Korean drama, Doom At Your Service, responses to the drama have been extremely polarising. So I started wondering if there were some common elements around who liked or hated it, some element of demographics that could shed some light on dramatic preferences. So I did what I like to do now and then and ran a poll. … More The Demographics of Loving DAYS

Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 9-10

As the second half of Beyond Evil opens, it emphasises this repetition of purgatory. Despite Kang Jin-mook’s arrest, the residents of this small town are no closer to knowing what happened to their loved ones. Despite all the frantic action, nothing has really changed and these episodes embody that: almost like the opening of a season 2. … More Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 9-10

Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 8

To call this a mid-season finale is an understatement. Beyond Evil wraps up its (apparent) main plotline, leaving us and our main characters confused and lost as to what comes after. But as Han Joo-won and Lee Dong-shik finally get their man, they discover that the hard work of getting closure for his crimes might just be starting. … More Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 8

Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 7

This week’s episodes start with an intensely layered flashback to 2017 when the crazier of our protagonists was in the Regional Investigation Unit. Seeing how the events of 2017 unfolded gives us significant insight into Dong-shik’s character and how he has responded to the death of Min-jung. … More Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 7

Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 1-2

I’ve picked up the new psychological crime thriller Beyond Evil, with industry veterans Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-goo. As I breezed through the first two gripping but almost unsettling two episodes, I looked for somewhere to discuss the show and found little. And so here we are – my first open thread! … More Open Thread: Beyond Evil Episode 1-2

The Best Television of 2020

As 2020 ends with a bang and not a whimper. As we ride out this global hell year. As we look back on everything we missed out on, did not do, wished we could do, regretted happened or just made us plain angry. It’s good to remember that 2020 got at least one thing right. … More The Best Television of 2020


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