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The evolving world of Korean science fiction

Korea has been experimenting with science fiction lately. I prepare to review what they’re doing with the genre.

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Aspects of technology in Unlock the Boss

Messy, confused, fun, and a serious contender for Worst Ending in the end of year poll, this year’s Unlock the Boss was also an interesting discussion of how technological advancements have rapidly changed the way we interact with the world.

Korean Sci-fi: Grid

I attempt to dissect the deeply ambiguous science fiction procedural, Grid, from the pen of one of Korea’s best writers.

Grid and the multiverse theory of time travel

Think of your reality as a tree. Now think of your reality as a block. Now think of your reality as a straight line. Now throw all that out because here comes Grid to truly blow your mind.

First impressions: 1899

A quick first impression of 1899, the new show from the creators of Dark

Korean sci-fi: The Silent Sea review

A sparse and filmic piece of science fiction, The Silent Sea is beautiful and atmospheric but also at various points generic and even derivative. I take a deep dive into Korea’s most mainstream piece of science fiction television.

Korean scifi: Alice review

Shaking up my planned timetable for the science fiction reviews to start with one of the worst dramas ever made. Alice.

Space Museum: Doctor Who S2, Serial 7

The premise of The Space Museum involves an original and complex temporal theory so it is ironic that this is not the reason the story makes little sense. It’s in its overall plotting that it falls down, not in the time loop that underpins it.

The Crusade: Doctor Who S2, Serial 6

The Crusade is an enjoyable Shakespearian romp through 12th century Palestine, that nonetheless bears little relationship to actual history.


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